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Our Five Major Welfare Mechanisms


  • Compliance with legal labor insurance, health insurance, and retirement fund contributions.
  • Comprehensive group employee insurance fully covered by the company (includes life insurance, accident medical coverage, hospitalization, cancer, and major illness insurance).
  • Optional family insurance plans at discounted rates for spouses, children, and parents.
  • Subsidized employee health checkups after one year of service (for full-time employees).
  • Quarterly employee discounts on high-quality health supplements.
  • On-site workplace massage therapists are available to soothe your muscles weekly.
  • Exclusive Workplace Health Services App to track employee health management.
  • Free exercise classes, including TRX and aerial yoga.
  • Subsidies for participating in company sports events.
  • Thursday Running Day: All employees can join for a run and chat to promote team building!


  • Located in the vibrant Dapinglin commercial district with various eateries, restaurants, and cafes nearby.
  • Spacious and bright office with a panoramic view of Taipei and New Taipei City.
  • Free-flowing freshly brewed coffee, sparkling water machines, and branded sparkling water for all!
  • Frequently replenished snack and beverage cabinets to keep your stomach satisfied.
  • Opportunities to test and sample company products.
  • Periodic exclusive offers from external partner merchants, including teeth whitening, moisturizing treatments, and more.
  • We provide induction cookers, microwave ovens, and electric rice cookers so you can bring your own packed meal without any hassle.


  • Flexible working hours with a half-hour grace period, ensuring a stressless commute.
  • Close proximity to two expressways, quick access to the MRT, buses, and intercity buses.
  • Indoor and outdoor parking facilities within the office building for convenient commuting.
  • Corporate partnerships with Taiwan Taxi and Uber for trouble-free business trips.
  • Special discounts for airport shuttle services, making business or leisure trips more convenient.


  • Annual salary adjustments based on salary survey reports (for full-time employees).
  • Performance bonuses based on operational conditions and individual achievements (for full-time employees).
  • New Year's red envelopes, festival bonuses, birthday gifts, wedding and funeral allowances (for full-time employees).
  • Talent referral bonuses & advertising event referral bonuses.
  • Word-of-mouth promotion bonuses. When your friends and family purchase company products, you receive discounts too!
  • Travel agency travel promotion bonuses.


  • Relatively flat organizational structure, ensuring smooth communication for all.
  • Monthly CEO Blog updates and regular employee meetings to keep everyone informed about company news.
  • Periodic annual employee satisfaction surveys and progress reports to improve the work environment.
  • Corporate communication mailbox to ensure your opinions are heard.
  • Regular company and department gatherings.
  • Annual banquets and spring gatherings are must-attend events!

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H2U Outshine Accelerator Summer Internship Scheme
H2U Outshine Accelerator Summer Internship Scheme

Industry professionals lead H2U Health's OASIS Internship Scheme in various digital health sectors. Interns gain practical experience, familiarize themselves with company operations, and actively cultivate potential talents, adding value to their careers and the company.

Welcome to join the H2U OASIS Internship Scheme. We provide rich and diverse internship opportunities for you to play your strengths in the field of digital health and explore the future with like-minded partners.

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