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The H2U Data-Driven Health Check System is a user-oriented, professionally designed health check information management system. It digitalizes health check system information and provides diverse automated health check processes, making it the most advanced solution for analysis and integration in the industry.

Digitalization of the Health Check System
The best solution for data analysis and integration

A user-friendly interface with intuitive operation panels. During the execution of health check projects, various system features and modules can be utilized efficiently to complete tasks.

Three Key Features of the System


Enhanced Quality of the Health Check Experience


Diverse automated online appointment functions save manpower and provide clients with convenient and streamlined appointment scheduling. Online questionnaires greatly reduce the chances of human errors and ensure accuracy.

  • Online Questionnaire System
  • Online Appointment System
  • Cross-disciplinary Quota Management

Streamlined Efficiency in Health Check Operations


From check-in to examination rooms, the H2U Data-Driven Health Check System utilizes IoT connectivity between devices, achieving a paperless, optimized, rapid, and comfortable check-up experience.

  • Check-in Hall System
  • Smart Examination Scheduling System
  • Nursing Assistant Tablet System
  • Personal Health Secretary App

1+364 Comprehensive Post-check Services


Automatic upload of health check data through the system, with analysis and results provided by the AI-powered comprehensive assessment system. Members can view their examination reports, risk assessment indicators, and health education information via the app.

  • Data Entry Workstation
  • AI Comprehensive Assessment System
  • Health Calendar APP

Our Philosophy

The H2U Data-Driven Health Check System is developed by professionals and programmers with medical industry expertise. With over a decade of experience in large-scale medical centers, we understand the importance of communication and share your professional background. Our familiarity with management needs and various workflow requirements in the health industry is why we designed this health management system. The system boasts robust management features, and its user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. When implementing health check projects, users can efficiently complete various tasks using the system's information and various module functions, reducing unit operating costs and increasing overall profits.

Various modules like accounting and payment records, cost analysis, project profit analysis, receipt printing, occupational injury reporting, examination process scheduling, and customer service tracking, that previously operated independently, can be integrated by sharing databases and establishing information. These formerly labor-intensive tasks are now integrated, shared, and authorized for use by different department managers, allowing the precise completion of project tasks.

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