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During the early stages, H2U's emblem was a flag that symbolized the uncharted digital health territory shared by our industry partners. After a decade of dedicated effort, H2U has reshaped its definition of digital health services based on a broader vision. The new emblem portrays a lighthouse projecting a 360-degree beam outward, providing a beacon for the all-encompassing service scope, clear data insights, and precise health guidance. From this moment onwards, H2U will lead the digital health industry into a new era while fiercely protecting your path to health.

Full scene life with health

Full Health Scene Life Solutions

H2U aspires to provide the most comprehensive holistic health solutions, with services spanning six major dimensions: "Data with Health" focusing on health data, "Service with Health" emphasizing health services, "Beauty with Health" integrating health and beauty, "Fun with Health" promoting enjoyable healthy activities, "Lohas with Health" encouraging a lifestyle of health and sustainability, and "Food with Health" emphasizing healthy eating habits. We cover every aspect of life, from food, clothing, housing, transportation, and leisure, to medical care. With our role defined as "Light your way, Guardian of Health Pathway," we integrate data to seamlessly connect health with life in a simple and precise manner. We commit ourselves to steadfastly safeguarding the health of your entire family, leading the digital health industry into the next era.




We believe that professionalism forms the foundation of quality products and services. H2U ensures data security in digital technology development, striving for excellence in smart health platforms and rigorously precise data analysis and recommendations.



You need transparent, complete, and continuous health data to evaluate your health comprehensively and accurately. H2U integrates data within the entire health ecosystem, offering clear insights for you to understand the intricacies of your health.



H2U strives to create a comprehensive health ecosystem. We connect services throughout the health industry through solid data. Brands unite in the ecosystem and focus on providing superior services, collectively advancing toward a new era of the digital health industry.



Every service should be people-centered, especially in the health industry. As a member of the ECCT's Friendly Family Alliance (FFA), H2U advocates for corporate health, considering employees as valuable assets. We prioritize employee health and make it a significant aspect of the company.


Healthy Life. Holistic Insight. Universal Service

H2U aims to be a Healthy Life Practitioner by offering excellent digital health services. We lead with Holistic Insight and utilize integrated and insightful data-driven methods. Through our Universal Service, we integrate services across industries, bringing a new era of digital healthy living to the world.

Healthy LifeHealthy Life

H2U aims to be a "Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Practitioner" by offering excellent digital health services and lead more people to work together.

Holistic InsightHolistic Insight

H2U takes the integration and analysis of health data as the core, and provides users with transparent, complete and continuous personal health data, as well as accurate analysis and advice under the premise of data security and authorization, so that users can accurately grasp their own health status.

Universal ServiceUniversal Service

Through mergers and acquisitions, H2U connects the services of the entire health industry, creates a full scene health service ecosystem, and provides integrated health solutions such as food, clothing, housing, transportation and education to enterprise customers and people of all ages.

Brand story


Forged over a Decade, Nurturing Health Endlessly.
H2U reached its ten-year milestone in 2023.

We were established in 2013 with the aim of catering to the physical and mental well-being of a million Foxconn Technology Group employees. With that, our quest for increasing workplace health was born. Over the past decade, we have remained true to our mission, continuously innovating and creating mutually beneficial relationships between companies and employees. We focus on individual employee health and aid companies in enhancing job satisfaction, fulfilling the ESG responsibility of Social Impact. To date, we have expanded our services globally, serving corporations like Microsoft and Amazon, and luxury brands like Gucci and Chanel.

In 2023, based on a solid foundation of health data, we expanded our vision to include promoting public health, extending lifespans, and enhancing quality of life through digital health technology. To achieve this, we offer corporate clients and diverse age groups a comprehensive range of services through our digital health ecosystem. These services comprise Food with Health, Beauty with Health, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), Fun with Health, Service with Health, and Data with Health, and cover aspects such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, and recreation. These diverse health solutions are integrated into everyday life in a simple yet precise manner. We view ourselves as a Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Practitioner, guided by the motto Light on Your Way: Safeguarding Your Path to Health, and we hope to inspire more individuals to join us on this journey to better health.

Through mergers and collaborations with numerous health and fitness service partners, H2U has strategically incorporated health services such as the H2U Data-Driven Health Check System, Everyday Health, Sports Notes, and iFit. These efforts prompted the creation of an ecosystem for comprehensive health services. Individuals in corporations, sports arenas, healthcare institutions, households, or communities within the ecosystem can access transparent, complete, and continuous personal health data and precise health guidance through our data and services. Using this information, they can choose the most suitable health services and become advocates for a healthy lifestyle.

H2U Journey

Initiated the IPO plan with the goal of going public in 2024. This initiative aims to increase investment in building the digital health ecosystem, driving digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region's major health industry, with a focus on workplace health as an upgraded market.
H2U’s new brand identity was unveiled, embodying the concept of Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Practitioner. Integrated various health services and media under its umbrella, guiding the digital health industry into the next era.
Launched the Workplace Health Benefits Service Platform (H2U pano), driving the flourishing development of the Asia-Pacific health industry and workplace health sector with digital strength. Empowering companies and employees to practice holistic healthy living.
Collaborated with United Daily News to create the "Advancing Healthy Workplaces, Digitally Innovating the Future" online exhibition platform. Leading Taiwanese companies are encouraged to prioritize health while driving the economy, working together to achieve happy and sustainable enterprises.
H2U Partnered with Robam Enterprises for the "Robam City Run" event and received the Far Eastern Group ESG Sustainability Award.
Joined the Family Friendly Alliance (FFA) of the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, advocating for Taiwan's health policies and promoting a balance between workplace and family life with leading European enterprises.
Acquired the iFit community with a million members and the Transportation and Logistics SaaS service provider ECFIT.
Strategically invested in the leading postpartum meal provider "Taste for Life," aiming to offer healthy meals for all age groups and become a leading health meal brand in the Chinese-speaking world.
Successfully completed the first round of funding, raising $8 million USD (approximately 220 million NTD). Led by Foxconn Precision, strategic investors including Apacer Technology, Chyron Technology, Union Online, WELTMEISTER Medical Examination, and Zhan Yi International, among others, participated in the investment.
Expanded into the Japanese and Malaysian markets. Signed a global memorandum of understanding with one of Japan's top three trading companies and established a strategic partnership consensus with Sharp in Malaysia.
Acquired Taiwan's largest sports community, "Sports Notes."
Recognized as one of the top 50 global digital healthcare companies by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH), establishing itself as the largest digital health service platform in Taiwan.
Acquired "Everyday Health," the leading health media in Taiwan with 3 million social media followers and the highest web traffic.
Founder Terry Gou established H2U with the goal of becoming Taiwan's premier digital health company. Leveraging the healthcare experience of millions of employees, H2U created an enterprise health service platform, providing diverse and optimized employee health benefits. This initiative assisted companies in accumulating health assets and influence.
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