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H2U pano is a platform dedicated to providing corporate employees with health and wellness benefits. The platform helps individuals worldwide achieve better health by connecting employee health checkups with meaningful products and services.


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Comprehensive Corporate Health Services

Streamline employer tasks, promote employee health, and comply with occupational safety and health regulations. Our professional team assists you in obtaining workplace health certifications and organizing health promotion activities and seminars.

Comprehensive Employee Health Protection

Fulfill corporate social responsibility through specialized on-site services, health workplace certifications, health promotion activities, health check-up consulting services, various health consultations, curated high-quality products, and a workplace health management platform. We connect online and offline services, creating a seamless service experience.

Integration with HR Management Systems

Various health service offerings and digital welfare distribution at your fingertips. Easily manage employee benefits or points, allowing flexible options for distributing and tracking benefits and their usage.

For Your Employee
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Corporate Digital Benefits

Digital benefits can be exchanged simply and easily via various distribution methods. This enhances the practicality and value of corporate and employee benefits.

Diverse Health Services

We provide diverse health services and an expansive range of choices, meaning health and welfare are no longer limited to check-ups.

Integrated Health Check Reports

Across institutions and beyond years, cloud-based management of individual health check reports allows you to continuously track and manage your health status.

One Station Service
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  • Professional on-site services
  • Health workplace certification
  • Workplace health promotion activities


  • Health check-up consulting services
  • various health consultations
  • Curated products and services


  • Health budget dashboard
  • Execution analysis
  • Employee health trends.

H2U pano
Simplified Health Management with H2U pano


For Corporate Users

Reduce employee sick leave rates and turnover, decrease healthcare insurance expenses, and minimize workplace accidents. Enhance your company's positive image and boost employee morale.

For Employee Users

On-demand health services, stress reduction, increased job satisfaction, and enhanced productivity.

For Businesses Joining the Platform

Provide corporate health products and services, ensure brand exposure, and leverage H2U pano's extensive membership base for marketing and promotions.

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