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As the country’s leading digital health brand, the H2U Health Innovation Lab is dedicated to enhancing people's health and quality of life using first-class digital technology. The Lab focuses on the latest industry trends and collaborates with the government, industry, academia, and research institutions to fulfill its mission. Through close collaboration, we drive innovation and progress in the digital health field, cultivating a holistic digital health lifestyle.

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Digital Health Infrastructure Development

We collaborate with the government to invest in and build advanced digital health infrastructure, ensuring efficient, safe, and reliable public health services.

Innovative Digital Health Solutions

We are committed to providing innovative digital solutions for public health management, disease prevention, and health promotion.

Optimization of Public Health Services

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like big data and artificial intelligence, we optimize user-friendly health services and offer convenient, efficient, and personalized solutions.

Enhancement of Digital Governance Capability

We respond to the government's initiative of enhancing digital health governance capabilities, providing support in data analysis, policy formulation, and resource integration for more effective health management.

Open Innovation and Public Engagement

We promote open innovation, encouraging public participation in developing digital health to make it more inclusive and accessible. Through long-term collaboration with the government, industry, academia, and research institutions, our government digital co-creation department is dedicated to driving innovation and progress in digital health. Let’s join hands to create a brighter future for digital health together!

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H2U looks forward to collaboration opportunities with various partners. Please do not hesitate to leave your contact information if you have any needs related to employee healthcare plans, health data applications, advertising collaborations, or any other requirements. We will assign a dedicated representative to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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