Workplace Health Services

H2U eXpert

Safeguard the health of your employees

H2U eXpert is an integrated service designed to care for the health of employees in the workplace.
We firmly believe that talent is a company's most valuable asset, and employee health forms the foundation of a company's growth and competitiveness.

Occupational Health Services

Comprehensive health services at your workplace, streamlining employee health check-ups.

We detect potential risks in the work environment, systematically analyze employee health data, classify health risks, design health promotion programs, execute on-site initiatives, offer customized employee health check-up solutions, and facilitate health check-up appointments.

Professional Service Platform: Complete Health Care

Our team has over 3 years of occupational health experience and professional training and has served millions of people in multinational corporations. Our system assists smooth implementation of standard operating procedures (SOP) for occupational health. We seamlessly integrate health care services.

Assistance in Workplace Health Certification

We assist in subsidy application guidance, health-related coordinate workplace certifications, support companies in applying for and obtaining workplace health certifications, offer guidance for on-site service subsidies, and reduce the burden on HR and labor safety personnel.

Workplace Health Plan


Human Factor-Induced Harm Prevention Program

Prevent musculoskeletal injuries caused by the work environment, processes, and repetitive operations.


Illicit Harm Prevention Program

Prevent unlawful physical or emotional harm to workers while performing their duties.


Maternal Health Protection Program

Promote maternal health protection and employment equality.


Overwork Prevention Program

Prevent diseases induced by abnormal workloads such as repetitive tasks, shifts, night shifts, and long working hours.


Labor Health Service Program

Implement occupational injury and disease prevention and protect workers' physical and mental health.


Respiratory Protection Program

Respiratory protection measures for hazardous environmental operations.


Hearing Protection Program

Assess workplace noise and implement hearing protection measures.


Biological Hazard Program

Assess and control biological hazards in the work environment


Return to Work Program

Assist ill or injured workers in returning to work safely and quickly.

Workplace Health: Three Key Solutions

On-site Occupational Health Services

With extensive experience in serving digital health platforms for millions of employees in multinational corporations, we offer rigorous personal data security, a complete health platform, and the most efficient execution for your needs.

Corporate Health Management System

Data analysis of health check-ups, following up on abnormalities, distribution of health information, and user-friendly interface operations simplify complex workflows.

H2U Health Bank+

Storage of personal health examination reports, medical records, and various physiological data enables easily accessible personalized medical big data and empowers your health journey.

On-site Service Process in 6 Steps

Data Collection and Import

  • Collect basic employee information and health examination data for system import.
  • Visit the workplace to understand the working environment.
  • Interview HR and business owners to understand employee health expectations.

Data Statistics and Analysis

  • Perform statistical data analysis, including hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, BMI, obesity, waist circumference, etc.

Risk Factors and Target Audience

  • Occupational health and safety personnel list potential environmental risks.
  • Classify employee health risks.

Health Promotion and Management Proposals

  • Outline workflows and execution tasks for the four major plans.
  • Provide a corporate employee health service plan.

Plan Execution

  • Implement the four major plans on-site.
  • Execute health promotion and improvement initiatives (health education and training).
  • Collaborate with occupational health physicians for medical consultations.

Tracking and Correction

  • Track and correct the results of abnormal follow-ups.
  • Devise improvement plans if goals are not achieved.
  • Health promotion and education.
  • Retain records for three years.
Workplace Health

Comprehensive Care

With rich experience in digital health platform services, H2U offers on-site occupational health resources. We provide the most efficient services through strict personal consultation safety controls and a comprehensive health platform.

Experience Now

According to Article 4 of the Labor Health Protection Regulations of the Ministry of Labor, from January 1, 2020, three major public institutions with more than 100 workers should hire or contract professional medical specialists and special nursing personnel. If this provision is violated and the labor inspectors or the competent authorities fail to improve within a time limit, the employer will be fined 3 to 150,000 yuan, and according to Article 49 of the Occupational Safety and Health Law, the names of their institutions and persons in charge may be published.

Government on-site service frequency and subsidies

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