H2U Outshine Accelerator Summer Internship SchemeJoin the H2U Internship Program

We offer diverse and enriching internship opportunities, allowing you to showcase your skills in the digital health field alongside like-minded peers.

H2U Outshine Accelerator Summer Internship Scheme

Internship Program Highlights

1One-on-one Mentorship System

Industry experts from various fields like digital health data research and financial analysis, including mentoring from top international management consulting firms like McKinsey to guide your career journey.

2 Involvement in Departmental Operations

Engage in practical work within departments, gaining an in-depth understanding of company operations, workplace dynamics, and departmental functions while honing professional skills.

3Project-Based Internship

Collaborate on departmental internship projects, regularly participating in cross-departmental exchanges and sharing sessions.

4Management Consulting Training

Special training sessions, resume health checks, and simulated interviews are provided for those interested in pursuing a career in management consulting.

Unleash Your Expertise and Shine!

We are looking for talented individuals with diverse skills and a keen interest in the digital health industry. Join us and let’s create amazing outcomes together!

What did the students participating in the H2U Internship Scheme say...

Zuo,Dingxuan (Justin)
My learning at H2U comes from three “ships”:
1. **Ownership:** Interns are assigned different projects, enabling us to experience the entire process from ideation to implementation. Witnessing the impact firsthand is invaluable.
2. **Mentorship:** Working closely with the COO, I gained diverse guidance, including core consulting skills like presentation preparation and industry analysis. The more I invest, the more I learn.
3. **Friendship:** Interacting with fellow interns, I observed learning attitudes and qualities worth emulating. We support and share knowledge with each other willingly. If you want to experience a steep learning curve and embrace the culture of a startup, welcome to H2U!

Zuo,Dingxuan (Justin)

Chief Operating Officer's Office Intern

Zhou Jingqi (Lucas)

I am responsible for product data analysis, brainstorming features, and applications for Hiking Notes. My expertise lies in data science and geographic data analysis. I participated in digital department data competitions, gaining experience in executing public sector tenders, project management, product development processes, presentation skills, and communication.

The company provided numerous opportunities and accepted novel ideas. I encourage everyone to apply without worrying about lack of experience. During the internship, consider how to integrate your expertise, interests, and existing products or services.

Zhou Jingqi (Lucas)

Hiking Notes Intern

Zhang Zhijie (Jason)

My interests lie in the sports industry, especially basketball. I felt the vibrant H2U energy from the beginning, which was precious to me.

I acquired practical skills such as community management, marketing data analysis, and programming. I also worked on projects in collaboration with major sports brands and made many friends.

I highly encourage everyone to intern at H2U! You can learn things that school won't teach you. There are plenty of hands-on opportunities during the internship. If you are interested in the sports or health industry, H2U's internship welcomes you!

Zhang Zhijie (Jason)

Basketball Notes Intern

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